Children's Ministries

It is our mission to invest in the children at Lighthouse so that they might follow after Christ and His example of Loving God, Living in community, Leading through humble servant hood, and Lighting the way, so that others might see and come to know the Father.  The Director of Children’s Ministries is Sandi Hartman.

Nursery:  For children ages, newborn-3 ½, offering a safe, loving environment for infants and toddlers while sharing the love of God through simple play and discovery activities.  We are committed to care for each child and their individual needs, so that parents can enjoy the Sunday Service being confident that their child is being well cared for.  This class is available at the beginning of our Sunday Worship Service.  

PreK-Kindergarten:  For children 3 ½, (potty trained)-Kindergarten, our goal is to teach and build on the basic biblical truths of God the Creator and loving Father, Jesus His Son, and how precious and wonderfully made each of them are to God.  This is done through music, teaching, games, object lessons and crafts using God’s Word as the standard for all of the teaching.  This class dismisses after the first part of worship in the Sunday Worship Service.  

Children’s Church:  For children grades 1st -3rd, this class continues to build on the biblical truths they have learned, by expanding their understanding of God’s Word both in the Old and New Testaments so that they may continue to grow in their knowledge of His Word, learn how it applies to their lives and how they can share it with others.  Our hope is that all children will come know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior and that they would be equipped as God’s children to live a life that reflects Him.  We use drama, puppets, object lessons, games, crafts, life application and sound biblical teaching to do this.  This class dismisses after the first part of worship in the Sunday Worship Service.  

4th-7th grade class:  This class continues to challenge the children in knowing the truths of God’s Word, obedience to His Word, and personal accountability to those truths in every area of their lives.  This is done through study of God’s Word followed by discussion, life application, and activities that challenge each child to grow in their relationship with God.  They are encouraged to live out their life of faith at home, in school, in their community, and in their personal relationships so that others might see Christ in them.  This ministry dismisses after the end of worship in our Sunday service.  

VBS:  Another Children’s Ministry available is our awesome Vacation Bible School, which is offered for one week in the end of June/beginning of July and is full of music, dancing, drama, games, crafts and the love of Jesus.  It is for children entering Kindergarten-6th grade and is coordinated Sandi Hartman.  Watch our website and Facebook for more info.  This is offered to children both in our church family and in the community.

Christmas/Advent:  Offered to children grades kindergarten-6th, this program is offered for four evenings scheduled weekly, leading up to Christmas.  Our focus is to prepare the hearts of kids for the Christmas season while focusing on the real reason we celebrate Christmas, the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Music, games, crafts and teaching are all a part of the evening.  This program is offered to children both in our church family, and in the community.

*All of our Sunday Children’s/Youth ministries follow the same curriculum (Orange Publishing) as well as the same scope and sequence.  This means that each class is learning the same Bible point and reading the same portion of Scripture, each at their own age level,  every Sunday.  This allows for great family discussion and devotionals (supported by take home papers provided in each class) as they are all learning about the same thing and will have something to add to the discussion.