Lighthouse Family & Youth Center

One of the greatest outlets for reaching the community that has been a vision of ours for many years, The Lighthouse Family and Youth Center, is still a work in process*.  It is a LARGE space located on the second floor of our building and it is our hope that one day soon it will be transformed into a gymnasium / all-purpose room, which will offer unlimited opportunity to further reach out to the community.

We see it as a safe place for the teens in our community to come and hang out, an opportunity for after school programs for children, a place for both adult and youth leagues to practice and play in a safe environment, a place where people of all ages can receive help and counseling, a place for large community/family events…in short, a place for a people!
We have already had an opportunity to see it be used after the devastation of Super Storm Sandy, as it helped house thousands of volunteers from all over the country.  Knowing what an impact those volunteers had on people in our community, we cannot even fathom what we will be able to do with a FINISHED gym.
* If you feel led to support this project financially so that we can finish building this “place for a people” and help us reach the youth, families, and the community, please contact the church office.